Product Information

CLEARFIL LINER BOND 2V enables the processing of all light-curing and chemically curing composites as well as amalgamates. It can therefore be described as a 'universal bonding.' The bonding system comprises a self-etching two-component primer and a two-component bonding agent. The mild self-etching bonding system forms a high quality hybrid layer. Yet it achieves optimal adhesion and at the same time prevents post-traumatic sensitivities.


  • Tried and proven 2-step self-etching bonding system 
  • Suitable for light-curing, chemically curing and dual-curing composites 
  • High adhesive properties to enamel and dentin 
  • Water-based, mild self-etching 
  • Prevents post-operative sensitivities Indication
  • Direct filling restorations using light-curing or chemically-curing composite
  • Treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces 
  • Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations 
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured ceramic facing crowns using light-curing composite 
  • Cementing inlays and onlays made of ceramic (or composite) using composite resin cement

Order Information

KUR0430A CLEARFIL(TM) LINER BOND 2V DC Kit Primer: Liquid A (6 ml), Liquid B (6 ml); Bond: Liquid A (5 ml), Liquid B (3 ml), accessories

KUR0430 CLEARFIL(TM) LINER BOND 2V Kit Primer: Liquid A (6 ml), Liquid B (6 ml); Bond: Liquid A (5 ml), accessories


  • KUR0433 Primer Liquid A (6 ml)
  • KUR0434 Primer Liquid B (6 ml)
  • KUR0431 Bond Liquid A (5 ml)
  • KUR0432 Bond Liquid B (3 ml)