Bite & White Ready 2 Use

Product Information

This revolutionary system uses whitening trays that are pre-filled with whitening gel. 

Simply open the packaging and place the whitening tray in your mouth. The bottom and top teeth are whitened at the same time; easy as that! A special highly viscous whitening gel has been developed for Cavex Bite & White Ready 2 Use. The gel fully closes around the element straight away. Due to its consistent distribution, all elements are whitened to the same degree, leading to a nice, even result. In addition, the gel is adhesive so that it remains firmly attached to the elements throughout the treatment. 

Order Information

CAV0009 RRP £65 Prefilled Trays (PKG6)

CAV0010 RRP £169.50 Prefilled Trays Bulk pack (PKG20)

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