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Apex Pointer+

Product Information

Electronic apex locator applying the latest 21st century high frequency and constant current amplitude technologies, Apex PointerTM+ provides accurate, precise and repeatable root canal length measurements in dry and humid canals.


  • Easy to operate. 
  • Rapid: Apex PointerTM+ requires no calibration and is ready to use immediately after self test has elapsed.
  • Accurate, reliable and instant measurement whatever the canal anatomy.
  • The measurement is independent of canal conditions: dry, humid, with blood, saline, hypochlorite, or other liquids. 
  • Large intuitive liquid crystal display (LCD) indicating with gradual progress of the file, increasing accuracy and resolution when approaching the apical constriction. 
  • Stable canal length readings. 
  • The displayed values are directly related to the file tip location in the canal and to its distance from the apical constriction and the apex (foramen). 
  • In flooded canals Apex PointerTM+ indicates the flood situation and turns the dentist's attention to it.

Specifications: Dimensions : 70x90x120mm Weight : 220 gr (including batteries) Display : 90x35mm LCD Power Supply : 6 Volt DC (4x1.5 volt - AA non-rechargeable batteries)

The Apex Pointer + turns itself off after 2 minutes of operation if at least one of the measuring electrodes is not connected to the lip or to the root canal respectively.

Order Information

MME1106 Apex Pointer Plus Contents: Main unit Measuring cable 2 lip clips 1 file clip 2 touch probes 4 batteries AA 1,5 V



APEX Pointer Manual