Alginate Accessories

Product Information

Storage box for Alginate


  • conservation of quality of alginate (air and light are being locked out)
  • the lid of the container can be easily opened or closed in one movement (in stead of a 4-points closing box) 
  • the scoop - which is supplied in addition 
  • has an extended grip; your hands will be free from alginate and the alginate can be ladled from the bottom of the container. - with the wiping edge at the inside of the container you get a level spoonful 
  • you can click the spoon in the lid of the container - both the scoop and the beaker which are supplied in addition
  • are of (almost) unbreakable quality 

Size: lxwxh: 15x15x18 cm 

Bottle for precise water dosing


  • accurate water dosage by simply squeezing the bottle 
  • Scaling like regular water cup
  • Constant water temperature
  • Constant setting time = Constant and predictable quality

TIP: do you always use the same amount of mixture? Adjust the water pipe to the desired measure, you will be sure of the same amount of water every time. 

Order Information

  • CAV0593 Cavex Alginate Container Blue
  • CAV0594 Cavex Alginate Container Pink
  • CAV0615 Water Dosing Bottle
  • CAV0591 Nylon Spatula
  • CAV0592 Metal Spatula
  • CAV0590 Mixing Bowl
  • CAV0529P Powder Measure