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ALLOY PRIMER is a pretreatment agent for conditioning metal and is used to secure the adhesive capability of resins and acrylic ester to gold, titanium, and other dental alloys. Tin-plating of the metal surfaces is no longer required because the ALLOY PRIMER creates excellent bond strength to the metal surface. The chemical bond thus created provides ideal adhesion of composite resins to all metal alloys so that the ALLOY PRIMER can also be used during the repair of fractured restorative materials in the dentist's office and the laboratory.ALLOY PRIMER is simple and economical to use: apply a thin coating to the roughened or sand-blasted and cleaned metal surface and allow it to react for 5 seconds. Continue with the adhesion procedure as usual.


  • Multiple indications
  • Intra- and extra-oral use 
  • Increases bond strength to precious metal alloy
  • Replaces the procedure of tin-plating metals
  • Economical use Indication
  • Adhesion of metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Adhesion of metal cast posts 
  • Repair of fractured resin-based veneers and ceramic-fused metal crowns and bridges
  • Fabrication of removable dentures with metal base, clasp or attachment
  • Repair of denturesons

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KUR0450 Clearfil Alloy Primer 5ml



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